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Timex TS1000 and Sinclair ZX81 Web Sites & Newsgroups

This Page Lists
the best resources for technical information and suppliers of Sinclair ZX81 and Timex TS1000 computers.

This Page Does Not List
Sites that only cover the historical aspects of these computers, or that principally focus on other Timex/ Sinclair products.

If you have suggestions for improving this list, please send e-mail to siteadd@zx81kit.co.uk

Web Sites

Google's directory of ZX81 links.
A comprehensive list of ZX81 sites and webpages.

Matt Barber's ZX81 Home Page.
This site has links to ZX emulators, software archives, ZX81 FAQs, and a continous vote on the most popular ZX games.

Planet Sinclair. FAQs, links to emulators and software, and a large amount of information on all Sinclair products, the company, the industry, publications, and the people involved. Very interesting, a must-see.

Dave Harrisons Retro Computing Construction Projects. Interesting articles on constructing robots and controlling devices using your ZX computer, amongst other useful info.

Matthew's ZX81-homepage. Software, including a lot of games.

ZX81-Web-Ring A new site in Germany, in English and German. Events, user groups, software and emulation, meetings, and more.

ftp://ftp.nvg.unit.no/pub/sinclair/zx81/ A large archive of ZX81 software.

The Sinclair Computer Newsgroup

The comp.sys.sinclair newgroup primarily concerns the Spectrum, but all Sinclair computer topics are covered there.

You can find out about sys.comp.sinclair from the web site nearest you:
U.S. | Netherlands | UK

Or from either of these two FTP sites:
Norway: (HTML version) | Norway (text only version)