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Basics of Timex Sinclair 1500/1000 BASIC
An excellent introduction to programming in BASIC on the Timex Sinclair 1500 and ZX-81. You'll learn about programming techniques, see examples that show you how BASIC commands work, and find out how to write you own programs. This easy-to-read book takes you step-by-step through the BASIC programming language. You'll be amazed at what you and your Sinclair computer can do!
Price 9.99GBP Allen Wolach, Reston Publishing Company, Inc., A Prentice -Hall Company. ISBN 0-8359-0347-8
BASIC Basics for the Times Sinclair 1500/1000
This is an excellent way to introduce your family to BASIC on your Timex Sinclair 1500 and ZX-81 computer. You'll find it filled with useful information -- for managing household finances, using your Timex Sinclair as an electronic message board, using the computer as a calculator, solving complicated mathematical problems, and many other applications.
Price 9.99 Michael P. Barnett/Simon J. Barnett, Reston Publishing Company, Inc., A Prentice -Hall Company. ISBN 0-8359-0348-6

The INS and OUTS of the Timex TS1000 & ZX81
The INS and OUTS of the TS1000/ZX81 contains the complete circuit diagram of this amazing computer, as well as a full discussion of the unorthodox methods which are used in making this microcomputer do what it does. The author also includes a number of practical projects to enable you to take full advantage of the system's hardware including expanding its memory capabilities. This INS and OUTS of the TS1000/ZX81 deals extensively with the hardware aspects of the TS1000/ZX81, and is a must for anyone interested in building their own peripherals for this computer.
Price 9.99 Don Thomasson, Melbourne House, ISBN 0- 86161-1187

Computer Interfacing Techniques in Science with experiments for Sinclair and Timex / Sinclair computers
Designed for use with the ZX81, TS1000, TS1500, or TS2068, the experiments in this book help develop programming and circuit building skills while illustrating important concepts in the physical sciences. Each experiment includes step-by-step directions, a list of necessary components, and easy-to-follow schematics and diagrams. These experiments show how microcomputers can be readily adapted for practical uses in the school, university, home or laboratory.
Readers will also learn how to build input and output ports, convert analog signals to digital input, and generate the control signals used for advanced interfacing. Anyone with a basic understanding of electricity and of the BASIC programming language can quickly learn to measure and control experiments and instrumentation with microcomputers.
Price 14.99 Paul E. Field & John A. Davies, Scott, Foresman and Complany, ISBN 0-673-18112-X

ZX81 BASIC Programming (SPANISH Language Version)
This is the Spanish version of the ZX81 programming manual that Sinclair shipped with their kits and computers to South America. Over 200 pages.
Price 7.99 Steven Vickers (Traducido y adaptado por INVESTRONICA, S. A.) Sinclair Research Limited

VU-CALC And VU-FILE (The Oranizer): Getting Serious With Your Timex/Sinclair
Here's the book that shows you how to use two fo the most powerful software packages for the Timex/Sinclair-VU-VALC and VU-VILE (The Organizer)! This conciese and crisply writeen guide offers practical "how-to" information to understanding and using these two multi-purpose program- unlike the briefly-documented reference manuals that accompany VU-CALC and VU-FILE.
Price - Robert B.V. Master ISBN 0-89303-941-1
Retro book cover
Do you remember technology?
Provides a look at technologically interesting machines and products, representing the twentieth century, which have become obsolete, back in vogue, or are still in use.
Order online ISBN 0811827720

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