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Sinclair ZX81 Computer Kits
All parts are high quality and the glass epoxy PC board has a clearly silk screened parts legend. Further documentation can be found in the books section.

Each kit contains all the necessary parts, including UK keyboard, case, printed circuit board, resistors, capacitors, connectors, integrated circuits, power supply (110v), cables etc. Assembly instructions are available in the Technical Support Section.

When completed, the ZX81 computer can hook up to Channel 33 on any black & white or color TV for its video display (UK (PAL) and US (NTSC) Compatible - selectable by jumper when the kit is being assembled). It has a complete (English) BASIC language interpreter in ROM memory, and it can save and load progams on standard cassette tape recorders. The kit's five Integrated Circuits make clear the architecture of a typical computer. Processor (1) , ROM (1), RAM (2) , and Glue Logic (1).

As the kits were originally intended for the South American market, we currently have no UK/European power supplies or manuals available. Generic 9v 0.7A power supplys are available are available cheaply from retailers such as Tandy or Maplin. Searching the internet often turns up such items at surplus electrical disposal stores.

Long live the ZX81!